Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Rapunzel--Let Down Your HAIR!! Our Tangled Party

I love that my little ones are wanting to get so involved in their birthday party planning. This year was no exception.  We've known for months that my oldest wanted a Tangled party for her birthday theme.  I did the normal internet searches and pinned ideas to Pinterest.  I found so many things I wanted to do and make.  Lets face it though, there's really only so much you can do with this theme and everyone has pretty much done them.  So I took my favorite ideas and created a beautiful party for my girl.. <3
I will do my best to link to all the sites I used ideas from. I hope that I don't forget anyone. I try my best to Pin all ideas I want to use. Makes it easier to give credit where credit is due.  First, some pictures!

We set the mood of the party early on with our invitation:
I got the basic idea for these invites from The Purple Patch.
I have a wonderfully generous friend that offered to make my darling girl her very own Rapunzel dress if I purchased the materials. She did an OUTSTANDING job and it was way more than I ever expected it to be! I can't thank her enough!
I stress about the cake every year, and this year was no exception.  This one wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be and for once I didn't fight with the fondant while making it.  The look on my daughter's face was PRICELESS when she saw this cake!
I made that Rapunzel cake specifically for the birthday girl, so I needed to make another cake for the rest of the party goers to enjoy.  I saw this cake on  Beantown Baker and just knew I wanted to replicate it. I just used a regular Duncan Hines white cake mix and made my own buttercream frosting.  The second picture looks really dark (and more blue) but you can thank my flash for that. The first picture is more true to life of the pastel color of the cake. It was SO pretty!!

Our dessert table setup:
Maximus apples (rice krispie treats flavored with Jello) Photo here: Maximus apples
Rapunzel's Stolen Crown Oreos (the only idea I DIDN'T get from the internet! LOL)

"Paintbrush" Pretzel Rods (since Rapunzel liked to paint). I saw similar on The Purple Patch as well as some Lalaloopsy parties I've seen online.
Peanut butter filled chocolate cupcakes-I made the sun cupcake toppers on my Cricut
I incorporated some pretty purple candies in my new jars (found at the Goodwill, .99 each for the 2 tall ones, and .49 for the small one-WOOT!)
Of course we had to have Magic Golden Flower punch (yellow Wedding Punch, idea from The Purple Patch as well, and I just happened to have the same serving pitcher, lol) which I served in small mason jars with decorative cutout lids and purple striped paper straws. I wrapped small white doilies around them and tied with pieces of jute:
I knew I had to incorporate Mother Gothel and hazelnut soup somewhere, but the soup just didn't even sound appetizing.  Instead I decided to serve Hazelnut creamer with our coffee:
Of course, water bottle labels had to be made:
For dinner I served "Rapunzel's Golden Hair (spaghetti) w/ braided breadsticks:
As you can see in the above picture I made some large prints that I found on Google and framed them. This picture had the words printed to the Magic Flower song.
I forgot to take a picture of them, but we ate on "frying pan" paper plates. I got the idea from this site: Paper plate frying pans

A few other pictures of our wall decorations, food table, and room that we set up as our Snuggly Duckling tavern:
I made luminaries out of frosted vellum and cut suns just like the movie out of the same. Made for cute centerpieces. I actually put battery operated tea lights in each of them, but it never got dark enough to even see them.

 I found this beautiful Rapunzel photo on Fanpop and had it enlarged to a 16x20 poster to use over the food table. Best part is, it's now in a large frame hanging on my daughter's bedroom wall!

I made this Snuggly Duckling sign out of Foamboard. I freehand drew it on, then painted with watercolors. I wish I had gotten a better picture than just my Ipod:
The kids favors were Rapunzel braids for the girls and Knight armor for the boys:

The goodie buckets I found in Target's Dollar spot. They're pretty purple glitter buckets from the Halloween section. They were filled with watercolor paints, Rapunzel pencils I found after Valentine's Day on clearance, small sticky hands (since Flynn Rider was a thief, sticky lizards to represent Pascal, crayons, light up bouncy balls, some bracelets and rings for the girls and a beautiful Rapunzel necklace I found on Etsy-little princess bling:
And what kind of Rapunzel party would it be if we didn't release lanterns for the princess? This was such a fun thing to do. I found these lanterns on Amazon, paper lanterns, on sale for $8.99/10. They were AMAZING and HUGE!!! The kids loved them (and secretly I think I loved them more!)
If you look closely at the above picture, you can see 3 other lanterns way off in the distance. We live way out in the country and had plenty of rain for a week straight before the party so we were comfortable releasing them. We could actually see them flicker out and fade before they went very far. Such a great way to end the night!

And yet another year, another party is done. I love seeing all my hard work and planning come together and I love even more seeing my little girl's eyes light up with delight. This is our last year "together" since next year she'll be starting kindergarten and gone most of the day. (sniffle, sniffle)  Gotta make it a good one!! <3

If you want the links to more Tangled party ideas I didn't get to use, take a look at my Pinterest board: For the Love of Rapunzel

Let them eat cake!!

I love my Mom.  :)  My birthday is 2 days before hers.  I vividly remember birthday parties she threw for me as a kid, some in the summer even, so as to avoid the snow and frigid New England winters!  She used to make me my favorite cake-a coconut pudding cake. Oh my word it's delicious!  Well, this year for my daughter's 5th birthday I made a beautiful purple rosette ombre cake that was TDF.  I decided I wanted to make my Mom one for her birthday, but in her favorite color; PINK!! And who doesn't love pink?
I did some research on these cakes before my daughter's party and came across a photo by Beantown Baker who gives a wonderful description on how to make this cake. I believe she has a Youtube video as well, but I was good to go with just her photos/descriptions.  I made a regular white box Duncan Hines cake mix that I tinted in 3 layers, as well as the frosted rosettes for icing. I think it came out wonderful and my Mom was so delighted that I made a special trip to her house on her birthday and that I made her one of these cakes.
(My favorite Instagram picture of her cake)
 I found wonderful sparkler candles to add.
 And it was just as pretty on the inside! Gosh my flash just killed this one. It was so much for soft and muted like the first Instagram picture.
So glad I was able to make my Mom's special day wonderful and doing something kind for her in return for all she's done for me!