Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Let them eat cake!!

I love my Mom.  :)  My birthday is 2 days before hers.  I vividly remember birthday parties she threw for me as a kid, some in the summer even, so as to avoid the snow and frigid New England winters!  She used to make me my favorite cake-a coconut pudding cake. Oh my word it's delicious!  Well, this year for my daughter's 5th birthday I made a beautiful purple rosette ombre cake that was TDF.  I decided I wanted to make my Mom one for her birthday, but in her favorite color; PINK!! And who doesn't love pink?
I did some research on these cakes before my daughter's party and came across a photo by Beantown Baker who gives a wonderful description on how to make this cake. I believe she has a Youtube video as well, but I was good to go with just her photos/descriptions.  I made a regular white box Duncan Hines cake mix that I tinted in 3 layers, as well as the frosted rosettes for icing. I think it came out wonderful and my Mom was so delighted that I made a special trip to her house on her birthday and that I made her one of these cakes.
(My favorite Instagram picture of her cake)
 I found wonderful sparkler candles to add.
 And it was just as pretty on the inside! Gosh my flash just killed this one. It was so much for soft and muted like the first Instagram picture.
So glad I was able to make my Mom's special day wonderful and doing something kind for her in return for all she's done for me!

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